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InkPlayPress is where art meets technology, bringing analog art to the digital world. Our eBook by Leslie Tseng-Tseng Yu will be coming soon in Spanish and French editions, and other languages, reflecting our global outlook. As digital technology is constantly changing and advancing, so are our future projects.


At the same time we value tradition and are dedicated to bringing together the old and the new, the yin and the yang.  Embracing the timeless art of Chinese painting, our initial offering is Leslie's Chinese Watercolor Workbook, a unique package containing authentic rice paper.



Leslie Tseng-Tseng Yu

Born in Shanghai and based in New York, Leslie Tseng-Tseng Yu is an artist, author, educator, publisher, designer, culinary enthusiast and world traveler.  She has conducted courses and workshops at leading universities, museums, and art centers in the U.S., England, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico and Belize. Her books, Chinese Painting in Four Seasons and Chinese Watercolor Painting, are in major libraries worldwide.



Peter Heinz

Born in Germany and educated in the USA, Peter's background includes a unique perspective. He has a 35+ year career in the media industry and over 30 years of Internet experience, enabling him to combine vision with his special grasp of technology. He has had major management and ownership roles with small privately held graphic arts and publishing companies, as well as large public entities.



Pioneering Digital Art - 1990

The cover art has the appearance of hand-drawn Chi­nese brush work on rice paper. It was, in fact, produced by Chinese artist Leslie Tseng-Tseng Yu, but was her first experience using an interactive computer system as an electronic brush. She entitled this work "View from Hudson Watch." The traditional red signature seals are those of the artist and the art director, and were scanned and reproduced electronically. The software was created by David Small, a Research Specialist at the Visible Language Workshop of the Media Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as a continuation of the EICON ( Expert Illustration Configuration) Project originally funded by IBM.


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